Proofreading consists of the analysis and modification process (if necessary) in a translated text or in the same language in order to adapt it to writing style, coherence, cohesion, clarity, spelling rules and formatting, producing a final product the quality expected by our customers.

In our review process we apply electronic mechanisms coupled with expert human knowledge, resulting in a quality text. Our reviewers are formed in Literature or Translation and Interpretation and know the grammatical conventions of punctuation and spelling governing our language, giving an intelligible text to the customer / reader.

Revised technical and literary nature of texts.

We tailor your text to format the ABNT standard or goal as the intended material. The main types of texts we reviewed are:



Scientific articles


Articles for congresses

Doctoral dissertations



Instruction manuals




Doctoral theses

Websites contents

We charge per standard page. The value will depend on the type of text required and the deadline set by the customer. One page corresponds to 2,000 characters with spaces.

To know how many pages have your text, simply perform the count in Microsoft Word, by doing the following:

1) Click on the "REVIEW" and then the "Word Count" option.

2) 2) Divide the number of words by 2,000 and you get the number of pages.


About Us

A Tradumedia International® was brought up from the need of specialized services in media and text translation for demanding clients with specific needs.

We have a highly qualified team in which our collaborators have specific graduations in Faculty of Arts and Translation.