Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Technical Translations are made from texts of a specialized area. It presents little lexical variations due to its specific features and specialized terminology. However, it requires the use of appropriate terminology, and therefore, the translator must know the kind of text they are translating. The output text will be natural and have an understandable translation for the target audience.

The Technical texts represent the most translated types of text in the world. This is due to the continuous increase of imports, globalization, services outsourcing and technical publications in the industrial world.

The most important technical texts are:

Scientific Articles


Instructional Manuals

Legal texts

Engineering Texts


Medical or Scientific Texts




Drug Leaflet



Services, Trade and Industry


To generate a gramatically well constructed translation, we use specialized dictionaries and glossaries in the domain area of the text that is to be translated, applying the appropriated terminology.

We count on translators with the right profiles to translate the clients´requested translation. The translator, who will proceed with the translation of the technical text, is chosen according to his specialization, resulting in a high quality translated text.


About Us

A Tradumedia International® was brought up from the need of specialized services in media and text translation for demanding clients with specific needs.

We have a highly qualified team in which our collaborators have specific graduations in Faculty of Arts and Translation.