Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription

Transcription is the process of transferring a sound or audiovisual information in texts. It is useful for creating handouts for training, interviews, business meetings, records, instructional videos etc.

As usual, we maintain the confidentiality of the material to be transcribed. We perform the following transcription services:

Literal transcription.
here, the transcription is done exactly as it is spoken, so much so that even stutters, redundancies, pronunciation mistakes, etc, are included. This is done so that the text is as faithful as possible to the original audio. This transcription mode is usually required in court cases, in which fidelity to original sound is extremely important.

Basic transcription.
Speech flaws, incorrect pronunciation of words, redundancies are deleted or corrected. This transcription mode is recommended for reading in which one wishes to know the contents of the original audio in its essence.

Transcription and translation. After the transcription, we performed the translation of the transcribed material in the language specified by the customer.

We apply the following nomenclatures using brackets in our transcriptions to indicate omitted parts, inaudible or misunderstood:

[Inaudible] = When the speaker speaks in an incomprehensible way for being away from the microphone or any problems with the audio.

[Unintelligible] - Terms or incomprehensible words due to poor audio quality or poor diction of the caller.

[...] = Phrases initiated but not completed by the caller.

We have a discount table for large amounts of audio to be transcribed:

Minimum 1 hour audio transcript - 10% discount.

Minimum of 2 hours of transcribed audio - 15% discount.

Two and a half hours or more of transcribed audio - 20% discount.

Below is a list of software we recommend for audio recording:

Click here to see the softwares list.


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